Maritime Transportation Inspections

Formerly known as MTI/ConSurve Associates, Maritime Transportation Inspections now focuses solely on providing maritime surveys of damaged overseas cargo shipments.

MTI's network of trained inspectors is available to provide your overseas damaged cargo survey needs as quickly, efficiently and professionally as your domestic damaged cargo inspection needs. The differences between a damaged cargo inspection and damaged cargo survey are not as great as would be expected. Although different types of damages are more common with overseas transit, such as salt-water contamination, load shifting and improper stacking, the main focus is the same. Providing prompt, professional and accurate reporting of damages.

Maritime Transportation Inspections has also led the way with providing additional benefits designed to help make ordering and receiving your damaged cargo survey less of a hassle.

Should the need for an overseas cargo survey arise, we would be more than happy to be of help. Just give Brian Koeper a call at 866/216-2055 or 713/453-4911 or email him at

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